Fijaciones Universales

Our universal fixings are products that we offer with the intention of exanding our market, providing very useful simple solutions to fix supports, structures, …
We intend to increase the number of fixings, according to the needs ef our customers.

T and Z are universal fixings for modules that can be placed on any support or base. Mainly they were designed for the lanes of Aplitech Energy, but thei can be installed in any support.
These fixings are very economical and are made with adonized aluminum, providing important guarantee.

T y Z son fijaciones universales para módulos que se pueden colocar en cualquier soporte o base.


  • Fabricado en Aluminio.
  • 6063 T-6
  • Pueden ser Adonizadas

fuerzas fijaciones universales


fijaciones universales T

  • Suitable for any photovoltaic panel.


fijaciones universales Z

Suitable for the following measures:

  • 35
  • 40
  • 45
  • 50