• It generates hot water, reducing energy consumption household
  • Instant amortization
  • High temperature range even on cloudy days
  • Easy installation and no maintenance

The APLT range of thermal sensors Aplisun consists of vertical and horizontal collectors of high performance and maximum efficiency.

Designed to minimize the visual aesthetic impact this new collection has a thickness of only 80mm. In the design of the profiles not only taken into account technical aspects that improve performance, as is the incorporation of an air chamber, but also aesthetic factors prevailed, resulting in an exceptional product.

They are made with materials and processes that are subject to the most rigorous quality controls vienne endorsed by the 10 year guarantee that our products offer.

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colector solar térmico

agua caliente


Free through harnessing the sun greenhouse Aplisun solar collector heating.

residencial y industrial


Due to its modularity, Aplisun collectors can be used both residential and commercial or industrial level.

ahorro económico


Significant savings on monthly bills to reduce the use of other energies.



Easy installation, with all the right accessories. It can be installed both wall and roof. They do not require any specific maintenance.


Material Anodized aluminum
Dimensions 2150 x 1050 x 83,5 mm
Gross area 2,5 m2
Corner Polyamide with fiber glass
Rear Aluminum
Type Solar tempered
Thickness 3,2 mm
Iron content < 0,05%
Dimensions 2090 x 1025 mm
Transmittance 91,30%
Seal Silicone rubber
Material Rockwool
Espesora side / rear 15 / 30 mm
Conductivity 0,036 W/mK
Water behavior Nonhygroscopic (BS-2972)
Type Grill
Material tubes distributors Copper 22×1 (UNE-EN 1057 / UNE-EN 12165)
Material secondary tubes Copper 8×0,5 (UNE-EN 1057 / UNE-EN 12165)
Number of secondary tubes 10
Separation between secondary tubes 110 mm
welding grill Strong, copper-phosphorus-silver
Selective plate Aluminum coated titanium oxide
Dimensions 2120 x 1030 x 0,5 mm
Absorptivity 0,95 ± 2%
Emissivity 0,05 ± 2%
Union selective plate – grill Laser welding
Absorbing surface 2,28 m2
Capacity 1,3 L
Maximum operating pressure 8 kg/cm2