Anodized aluminum structures for photovoltaic panels

  • Easy assembly
  • Pre-assembled structures for faster assembly
  • Adjustable feet for various tilt angles
  • It includes all mounting and fastening kit

This system has all the facilities necessary to make such a versatile design as simple features.

The profiles that make these supports allow us to create any combination to suit the specific needs of each project.

All structures are delivered with pre-assembled triangles support, so you just have to open them, fix them and mount the modules. This system is easier and quicker assembly on deck. We have a wide range of fastening systems can cover des installations that do not allow fixing on deck to sheet metal roof installations.

All Aplitech Energy structures are tested and certified according to the requirements of C.T.E. .

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Soportes placas fotovoltaicas


Preassembled leg

The preassembled leg is the basic triangle to create the brackets with sobreinclinación or flat roof.

They delivered with prmontadas and machined parts to change its angle.

There are two types of preassembled modules mounted for vertically and horizontally mounted modules.

Pata premontada de Soportes placas fotovoltaicas


Profiles C40

PROFILE C-40 is the basic profile for any installation of any type whatsoever. Where is the profile support modules.

It is available in 3 sizes to generate battery modules both vertically and horizontally.

Perfiles C40 placas fotovoltaicas