Aplitech solar carport for parking lots, born as a project in 2010, they have become a refined product. It is able to provide solutions to the needs that generate new concepts of mobility and energy management.
We have focused our efforts on facilitating the work the installer, always looking for simplicity in the assembly without giving up a highly configurable and elegant and unique design.

We have two types of carport:

The carport of the PV serieshave their primary role in generating energy to then be sent to the electricity grid, they are completely modular, so they can adapt to any space and are also designed to integrate electric car chargers.

The carport of the PVS series they are designed to generate energy autonomously and store. Inside you can hold inverters and batteries so they are ideal in isolated areas as water wells or recharge points.

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Marquesinas fotovoltaicas serie PV

These carports PV series they are prepared to create large areas of parking. Its high degree of configuration allows you to create large sets no restrictions. It is ready to integrate electric car chargers.

serie PV
PV1-2 5000 2 10 2 SI 2,5KW
PV1-3 8000 3 16 2 SI 4KW
PV2-2 5000 2 15 2 SI 3,75KW
PV2-3 8000 3 24 2 SI 6KW
PV4-4 5000 4 30 2 SI 7,5KW
PV4-6 8000 6 48 2 SI 12KW
solar carport parking lot
serie PV

Marquesinas fotovoltaicas serie PVS

The PVS series it is designed for isolated installations that do not need high power load.
These carports up inside all the elements to make it absolutely autonomous and functional (batteries, inverter, charging point, connections, etc.).
It is an ideal solution for charging electric bicycles and scooters, water wells, light signals, radar and other road infrastructure solution.

PVS1-6 3000 207 6 1 2MOTOS NO 1,5KW
PVS1-6CHARGER 3000 264 6 1 2MOTOS SI 1,5KW
PVS1-8 4000 207 8 1 4MOTOS NO 2,0KW
PVS1-8CHARGER 4000 264 8 1 4MOTOS SI 2,0KW
PVS1-10 5000 207 10 1 2 NO 2,5KW
PVS1-10CHARGER 5000 264 10 1 2 SI 2,5KW
PVS1-20 10000 6000 207 20 2 4 NO 5,0KW
PVS1-20CHARGER 10000 6000 264 20 2 4 SI 5,0KW
PVS2-15 5000 207 15 1 2 NO 3,75KW
PVS2-15CHARGER 5000 264 15 1 2 SI 3,75KW
PVS2-18 6000 207 18 1 2 NO 4,5KW
PVS2-18CHARGER 6000 264 18 1 2 SI 4,5KW
PVS2-30 10000 6000 207 30 2 4 NO 7,5KW
PVS2-30CHARGER 10000 6000 264 30 2 4 SI 7,5KW
PVS4-60 10000 6000 207 60 2 8 NO 15KW
PVS4-60CHARGER 10000 6000 264 60 2 8 SI 15KW
cargador coches eléctricos Circutor


Chargers Circutor electric cars are an easy way to recharge the vehicle. Recharging boxes with multiple users are provided with an access system and energy payment through cards contactless. In this way all the recharge process can be performed with just a few steps, without technical knowledge.


In 2013 we are awarded the Innovation Award by the International Congress of Design and Innovation of Catalonia.

Furthermore we reached an agreement with Circutor, Electrical Energy Efficiency leading company to commercialize solar carports for their own consumption PVing Parks.

Premio Marquesinas Fotovoltaicas