disipadores paneles térmicos

Heat dissipators for thermal collectors are an effective solution for excess temperature in the installation.

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One of the problems in all solar thermal installation is excess temperature in times of high insolation and low energy demand.
This excess energy problem is solved with our dissipators.

The components of a solar thermal system can work at high temperatures up to 150°C, but from certain limits begin to have significant wear and excessive expansion.
With Aplidis we get the facility does not exceed an excessive temperature, although conditions of solar radiation and ambient temperature are very adverse and without using any additional energy.

disipadores paneles térmicos

Operating diagram:

Esquema funcionamiento disipador de calor para colectores


APLIDIS powered by natural convection, without any source of energy. To control this effect a combined safety valve pressure-temperature opening autonomously circuit sink from 90°C, so convection acts naturally, without any system that consumes electricity or mounted on any other type.


  • No type of energy is needed to run, only the temperature of the heat transfer fluid.
  • It is a system that works even if there are power cuts as it does not use.
  • Maintenance is very simple, just a slight observation on ordinary maintenance.
  • By avoiding high temperatures protects all solar components such as valves, copper solders, strainers, expansion vessels etc.
  • Improves performance of the installation.
  • Prevents loss of solar fluid by the safety valve.