design and manufacture of structures of solar, photovoltaic and thermal panels

We develop and install structures of solar, thermal and photovoltaic panels for all applications of photovoltaic or solar thermal panels for both indoor and for any other type of surface, including our elegant photovoltaic carport.

Our goal has always been our commitment to innovation and design. Our products are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs that arise in such a young as the renewable energy sector.

Photovoltaic Carport

Our marquees are the perfect union between a photovoltaic roof and vehicle charging system or an isolated system energy production.

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photovoltaic canopies
monoliths for charging electric car

Monoliths for Electric Car Charging

Different pedestals have been designed for the different chargers, thus offering a variety of products, with the intention of facilitating its operation to the user.

Aplitech Energy, offers different solutions to contain the different chargers that are offered in the market.

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solar panel supports

With a long history in the design of profiles and fixing systems for photovoltaic systems the current Aplitech Design universal support has all the facilities necessary to make such a versatile design as simple features.

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Solar thermal panel supports

Our thermal collectors brackets stand out both for its simplicity and its great adaptability. We have developed profiles to fix a wide range of thermal collectors in the most simple and effective way.

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soportes para placas fotovoltaicas y placas térmicas